Sumo Suits

Sumo Suits

Clash of the Heavyweights


Sumo Suits

Once you put on the suit, you can barely control your laughter. You waddle up to the ring with your opponent, looking forward to the funniest wrestling match of your life.

You push, pull and grapple at your opponent, trying to catch him off-guard. As you fall over each other, you try to catch your breath in between bouts of hysteric laughter.

That’s the only advantage your opponent needs, the next thing you know, he’s managed to get you out of the ring with a deft push. You chuckle in good humour as you congratulate him.

But now, it's time for round 2.


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Quick Introduction

Sumo Suits is a sport where one wrestler tries to force the other outside of the ring. The contestants try to push, pull, knock-over or wrestle the other sumo opponent off the wrestling mat.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must be at least 10 years of age.

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