Shooting and Archery

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Shooting and Archery

Operation Bull's eye


Shooting and Archery

You take in a deep breath, close your eyes, exhale slowly, and listen to your heartbeat. In between them, you find it. The moment of complete stillness.

You let the arrow fly. As it whizzes through the air, you notice everyone’s eyes are following its trajectory. With a soft thud, it lands right in the middle of the bulls’ eye even as the crowd yells in delight.

You smile as your friend exclaims – "Now let's try out the rifles!"


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Quick Introduction

Shooting is all about coordinating sights and the target. At Sahas, specially designed target shoot range with 14 bays are available with the facility of multiple target shooting equipment under a variety of activities like- Indian Archery, Compound Archery, Crossbow Archery, Soft Archery, Rifle Shooting.

Safety Measures

Participants will be properly trained and guided by the SAHAS instructor on how to operate the shooting arms

Eligibility Criteria

Participants for Indian Archery, Compound Archery, Crossbow Archery and Rifle Shooting must be at least 12 years of age. Participants for Soft Archery must be at least 5 years old.

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