High Rope Course

High Rope Course

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High Rope Course

Standing 20 feet off the ground, you swallow the lump in your throat with a hint of apprehension. All you can hear is the pounding of your heart.

Half an hour later, you disconnect from the zipline and look back over the 44 obstacles you overcame. As you break into a wide grin, you realise that what you’re feeling is an amazing sense of accomplishment

Your mind vaguely registers the sound of distant cheering, but the sound that fills your ears is something else. A jubilant cry that bursts forth from your soul.


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Quick Introduction

High rope course is a challenging outdoor personal development activity. It consists of elements constructed in trees or made of utility poles which require a belay for safety.

Brief History

Obstacle courses have been used by the military to train soldiers as far back as the ancient Greeks. Many practitioners cite Georges Hébert, a French naval officer in the early 1900s, as the originator of the "modern" ropes course. 

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must meet the minimum height requirement - 3’9”feet. Further, people with health issues like cardiac problems, epilepsy, recent surgery, high blood pressure and expecting mothers are not advised to participate.

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