Body Zorb Fight

Body Zorb Fight

The Big Bounce


body zorb fight

The plastic bubble that envelops your torso is your only defence. It is also your only weapon. You push against your opponent, trying your best to make him leave the green mat. As you bounce off each other, neither of you can stifle the laugh that bursts forth.

He takes a run at you from a distance, hoping that the impact will make you stagger enough to push you off the mat. In a moment of pure inspiration, you wait until the last second to move out of his way.

He falls off the mat, and you both begin to laugh hysterically. He exits the bubble, and the crowd chortles in glee, you turn to them and ask - "So who's next?"


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Quick Introduction

Body Zorbing is a fun- fight game where players will be strapped over the torso with an inflatable human-size Zorb ball. The two players will have to fight with each other to push the opponent out of the ring.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must be at least 10 years of age.

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