Acrobat's Adventure

Climb your way to victory


Cycle for Life

Pedal to good health


The Daredevil's Trail

Take a ride on the wild side


Planet Zorb

Enter the gravity-defying bubble


Shoot to Thrill

Pull the trigger for excitement


Stay options

Every great adventure deserves great luxury

From homely comfort to luxurious extravaganza, we have hotels that suit all tastes.

Insider’s View

There’s a lot that goes on every day at Sahas.
Here’s a quick peek into the adventure that awaits!

  • Ms. Caroline Davis

    Awesome experience, the joy and the happiness was unbelievable! Loved it!


  • Mr. K Hari Hara

    Good hospitality. We had an exciting experience. Taking away a lot of good memories. Thank you Team Sahas.

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